The benefits of joining the chamber

A MACC membership is a smart investment in your business.

The Milford Area Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of high visibility marketing opportunities to help businesses of every size to build brand awareness within the MACC network and beyond. And, as the voice of business in the 10-town area we cover, we work to ensure a vibrant economic foundation for our communities. The MACC also offers leadership and professional development opportunities for all members and their employees. Plus, the MACC provides promotional, informational and referral support to grow the business of our members.

Benefit #1: Free Business Consulting and Resources

We recognize our area depends on a healthy business community in order to be successful and to have a quality of life that make people want to live, work and play there. To ensure a vibrant business environment, the MACC provides you with the tools you need to grow your business. MA Small Business Development Center and SCORE provide consulting to small businesses to help them grow sales and profits of existing and new ventures! They assist business owners, at no charge, in developing their business plans, marketing plans, financials, cash flows, and other areas critical to ensure a successful venture.

Benefit #2: Business Networking Groups

We mean business when it comes to growing your business and that’s exactly what the MACC’s MACCXIMUM Impact & MetroWest Networking Group are all about. Help grow your business through business-to-business and business-to-consumer leads from trusted sources that are comprised of representatives from non-competing business categories.

Benefit #3: Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Chamber members looking for the most visibility for their business have a variety of options, based on budget and marketing goals. By sponsoring our annual events, your business receives online promotion, tickets, signage, public relations, and a high level of recognition while supporting our community.

Benefit #4: Leadership Opportunities

Whether it is joining PULSE, Connecting with Women Leaders, or becoming an Ambassador there are so many different types of Leadership opportunities that we offer at MACC. If you are new to the small business scene, or a long time member of the community, these groups offer a new chance to grow your business through advice from other business owners.

Benefit #5: Local Business Directory & Hot Deals

The MACC has a plethora of different members that offer unique services that many people often look for. On our website we have a Business Directory and a Hot Deals page so you can stay up-to-date with all the new, and old members, as well as special deals that are advertised through the MACC website.

Benefit #6: Opportunities to get involved

The Chamber is a place for members to interact with other businesses and people all so their business can grow. Our staff puts on events 2-3 times a month, so the best way to get involved would be to attend and event. Whether it is the Annual Auction, Golf Tournament, or the Family Fest, any one of these events is a great way to meet new people and help grow your brand!

Benefit #7: Educational Workshops

The Chamber regularly schedules seminars and workshops to provide timely information on topics to help local businesses and non-profits in today’s business environment. Topics range from marketing tips and utilization of the latest communication technologies, updates and tips on new human resource regulations and guidelines, as well as navigating and maintaining a rapidly changing environment.

Benefit #8: Up-To-Date Technology

The Chamber is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest when it comes to technology which allows us to help you grow your business even further as well as make the process so much easier. For example, we just recently installed a Chat Bot on our website that is programmed to answer your questions about the chamber and anything else you might want to know to help the growth of your business. We also offer workshop for our member to keep up with the latest technology.

Benefit #9: Business Advantage Partnerships

Being a member of the Chamber offers a ton of different advantages that put you on top over your competition and other businesses in the area. We offer a multitude of different resources that will give you this advantage such as SCORE, MA Small Business Development Center, Mass Business Resources and Mass Gov Resources.

Benefit #10: Networking Events

Milford Area Chamber of Commerce offers 5-6 networking events every month including: MAAC Match, Pulse, CWL Luncheon, Business After Hours and much more. Click to view calendar.

Read this article or chat with us to learn more.

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