MACC Business Advantage Partnership

Provide a cost-saving offer exclusively for our members
to use for their businesses or offer to their employees

What is the MACC Business Advantage?

 It’s a cost-savings program where MACC members may offer preferred pricing and tangible savings to their fellow MACC members. The benefit to the participating MACC members is to leverage the MACC’s local marketing role to help drive business opportunities, while also providing the member with ways to realize savings on businesses expenses, attract new business customers, gain promotional exposure on the MACC website & communications, show support of your fellow MACC members, and provide unique benefits that can be offered to employees.

What types of discounts or preferred pricing would work?

 Any type of discount or savings on those goods, services or an add-on item a business would need and use. For example: Discount of business advertising, event space for business meetings, design/printing of business materials, teeth cleaning for employees, opportunities to reduce payroll costs or even insurance premiums.

What the MACC will do?

  • Provide a dedicated space on the Member Benefits page of detailing the program and all participating MACC members and discounts.
  • Increase member awareness of program via standard marketing channels, including:
    Member Savings e-blast quarterly. This e-blast is dedicated exclusively to Member Savings Programs and promotion of participating members and their offers.
  • Social media promotion of individual Member Savings offers. MACC staff will ensure all participating MACC members are promoted in accordance with MACC best posting practices.
  • Inclusion in the MACC’s e-newsletter.
    Inclusion in monthly new member outreach. New members will receive Member Savings Program details and contact information.
  • Upon request and as able, the MACC will assist the participating members in targeting specific relevant business segments in order to promote the Member Savings Program or make introductions.

Note: All offers will be evaluated by the MAAC

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